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Avelo receives CHF 10,000 Prize Money from ZKB Pionierpreis

Avelo Board of Directors: Dr. Helge Lubenow and Dr. Wolfgang Mach

May 7, 2024. Avelo, a Swiss breath diagnostics company with a mission to make every breath count for better infectious disease diagnosis, made it to the finalists of the ZKB Pionierpreis and received CHF 10,000.

For more info on the ZKB Pionierpreis 2024, click here.

About Avelo

Avelo AG, the Swiss breath aerosol diagnostic company, aims to revolutionize the diagnosis of Tuberculosis and lower respiratory tract infections causing pneumonia. Its breath collector enables non-invasive collection of pathogens from breath and works with existing PCR tests. The collector is designed for broad utility, similar to other sample collection technologies such as blood tubes. Avelo has a talented team experienced in business development, functional materials, product development, clinical research, molecular diagnostics, quality and regulatory, and is based in Zurich-Schlieren.


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