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Avelo Appoints Highly Experienced Board of Directors

Avelo Board of Directors: Dr. Helge Lubenow and Dr. Wolfgang Mach

October 6, 2022. Avelo AG, a Swiss breath diagnostics company with a mission to make every breath count for better infectious disease diagnosis, welcomes two highly regarded experts in in-vitro diagnostics, commercialization, and laboratory medicine to its Board of Directors: Dr. Helge Lubenow and Dr. med. Wolfgang Mach.

As an accomplished business leader Dr. Lubenow brings along over 20 years of experience in in-vitro diagnostics and life science companies including the management of Qiagen's diagnostic franchise, a global leader of sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical research. She is a member of the Board of Directors in several diagnostic and biotech companies.

Dr. Mach is Senior Medical and Managing Director of the Amedes Laboratories in Southern Germany. Amedes is one of Germany’s leading clinical lab chains. He is a doctor in clinical laboratory, medical microbiology, virology, bacteriology, and infection epidemiology. Wolfgang has over 23 years of experience in laboratory medicine, infectious disease and business development.

Sharing with Avelo their many years of experience and providing advice on science, technology, strategy, product development and partnering, will be invaluable for the successful development and market launch of Avelo's breath collection platform.

For more info on their impressive careers, click here.

About Avelo

Avelo AG, a Zurich-based diagnostics startup, develops a breath collector to improve the diagnosis of Tuberculosis and respiratory infections causing pneumonia, the world’s 4th leading cause of death. Doctors use their non-invasive sampling tool to painlessly collect a patient’s breath sample from the respiratory tract and analyze it with existing PCR tests for fast and accurate diagnosis. Avelo invented the breath collector with broad utility in mind, comparable to other sample collection technologies such as blood tubes.


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