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Making every breath count with breath aerosol diagnostics


The need

  • Up to 20% of all primary care consultations are due to respiratory infections¹ ​​​

  • They result in 4 million deaths each year, almost all of them due to infections in the lower respiratory tract causing pneumonia²

  • Lack of good diagnostic solutions are a main reason for poor outcomes and antibiotic overuse

  • Transformative, rapid testing where people first seek care is critical to capture pneumonia early and initiate the right treatment


Our solution: AveloCollect - a breath aerosol collector 

  • Works with existing molecular tests

  • Detects multiple respiratory tract infections causing pneumonia

  • Is easy and can be used in every healthcare setting

1. Collect


Breathe for
2 minutes

2. Elute


Transfer to
standard lab tube

3. Test and Treat


Diagnose & treat multiple diseases

The impact

  • Saving lives: better diagnosis for earlier and tailored antibiotic or antiviral treatment

  • Reducing healthcare costs: easy sample collection and diagnosis to keep patients out of the hospital and lower the annual costs of USD 52 billion in Europe alone³

  • Fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR): AveloCollect works with existing respiratory multiplex tests which differentiate between viral and bacterial infections to reduce the more than 65% unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics in primary care⁴

  • Making every breath count: establish breath bioaerosols as a novel sample type for standard clinical diagnosis of respiratory infections

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